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Growing the next generation of ocean stewards


Kids Environmental Lesson Plans (KELP) are fun, environmentally-minded and solution-oriented lesson plans created with informal educators in mind. These activities help students and educators understand what’s beneath their hull.


The future of the ocean rests not only in our actions, but also in those of the generations that follow in our footsteps. Nourish curiosity in kids and encourage them to explore their surroundings with KELP.


Based on the Seven Principles of Ocean Literacy from the National Marine Educator’s Association (NMEA), KELP connects young sailors to the marine environment.


These lesson plans are an integral part of Sailors for the Sea’s mission to foster the next generation of ocean stewards. Use them when weather conditions aren’t suitable or in educational settings to promote awareness of ocean health issues. Sailors for the Sea collaborates with leading marine institutions and organizations to create dynamic and relevant lesson plans designed to foster environmental ethics in the classroom. 


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